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About Waterstone Dentistry

Since 2001, Dr. Beatriz T. Dennis has created a positive dental experience for those in Greenville. Waterstone Dentistry goes above and beyond to ensure that your dental experience is like no other.

To have a truly beautiful smile…

The entire dental system must work in harmony so that your smile will also have a long-lasting comfortable bite.

A Soothing, Spa-like Experience

Downtown Greenville Dentist at Waterstone Dentistry

Welcome to Waterstone Dentistry!

Dr. Dennis chose the name Waterstone Dentistry to reflect the office’s warm and relaxing environment. To help set a soothing mood, there is a beautiful waterfall feature producing the natural sound of flowing water.

Soft music plays in the background and the waiting room has comfortable, overstuffed furniture situated around a gently flickering fireplace for a smoothly ambient effect. Not only is the environment relaxing, the office is artfully designed to make you feel right at home.

Why Choose Waterstone Dentistry

Dr. Dennis wants to introduce you to a different kind of dental health experience. Once you leave the inviting atmosphere of the waiting area, you will enter into an exam room with expansive-view windows to allow for soothing natural light. Flat screen TVs are fitted to each exam chair so you can truly relax during your appointment.

A Smile to Be Proud of

Dr. Dennis strives to provide personalized dental care and high-quality dental services for her patients. You will receive an individualized comprehensive treatment plan suited for your unique needs.

“My goal is to get the whole mouth in a healthy, happy state where everything is comfortable and fits together properly,”

Dr. Dennis


For a beautiful, healthy smile, call (864) 232-0440 today. We look forward to helping you reach optimal oral health.

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